Current Conditions (as of 06/17/24 20:41)

Sunrise: 05:38

Sunset: 20:23

(after 6pm, sunrise time is for tomorrow)

Webcam view of Raymond Mountain

A webcam view from our kitchen deck

Measurement Now Today Month Year
Temp ( F): 59.6
Hi/Low: 67.5/55.5 84.6/55.5 84.6/20.5
Humidity ( %): 49
Hi/Low: 56/37 83/25 94/15
Dewpoint ( F): 40.4
Hi/Low: 50.5/32.4 65.8/31.4 65.8/1.5
Wind ( mph): NW0.4
Gust: 13.0
Rain ( in): 0.00
Storm: 0.00
. . . . .

Recent History

Outside Temperature History Outside Humidity History Barometric Pressure History Rainfall History Inside Temperature History

More Weather Information

The current conditions and recent history above are recorded by a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless weather station located near our picnic area.  This webpage itself is updated by a Dreamplug embedded computer running Mark Teel's excellent open source WView package. (Thanks Mark!)

You can also see more detailed charts and statistics from our weather station if that interests you.

You can get clear, accurate weather forecasts for our exact location, plus warnings and alerts from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Hanford, CA. On that web page you will find convenient links to current radar and satellite images for the region too.

Our station is part of Weather Underground's Personal Weather Station (PWS) project. Through this project you or anyone else can view or download a more detailed record of our current conditions and history, as well as find forecasts for just about anywhere you want (including our location). If you are curious, please visit our station's PWS webpage.

We have a similar page at (not affiliated with Weather Underground).

Our station is also registered with the Citizen's Weather Observation Program (CWOP), which provides accurate local weather readings to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This information helps over 500 public and private organizations improve their weather forecasting models and prediction accuracy. You can find our data at the web page for CWOP call letters DW0826. At the bottom of that page is the Hanford, CA current radar image with our location highlighted in red.

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